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Consulting services in the area of project management

Consulting services provided by SGP consult in the area of project management is professional assistance in analysing and solving the client company’s problems, arising in realisation of projects relating to various sectors of the economy.

SGP consult specialises in providing a full package of consulting services at any stage of the project implementation, which includes the work of our certified specialists in the following areas:

  • - analysis of the current project state;
  • - action planning and elaboration of corrective measures;
  • - monitoring of the application of proposed approaches;
  • - assessment of compliance of the results obtained with the original purposes.

  • Involvement of the professional project managers of SGP consult for the development of the integrated system of management of all the project development processes (project initiation, planning, implementation, monitoring and control, completion), the quick detection of changes and introduction of non-standard work algorithms will enable the customer to accomplish the objectives in given time and resource limits.

    Within the implementation of dozens of projects with the participation of SGP consult, the company’s team has demonstrated utility of the offered solutions, focused on the customers’ business problems, which illustrates the effectiveness of strategic consulting in managing projects.

    The efficient management of human and physical resources, timely identification of risks and risk management contribute to successful completion of the projects and increase the effectiveness of the company’s business itself.


    Specialists of SGP consult provide with audit services enterprises of different branches of the economy.

    Audit helps evaluate the enterprise performance and fairness of its financial statements.

    SGP consult provides the following types of audit services:

    • Statutory audit.
      Audit of organizations falling within the purview of the RF Federal Law on Audit activity № 307 of December 30, 2008. Audit report on correlation between financial model and actual state of the organisation.
    • Voluntary audit.
      Verification of compliance of financial accounting and tax accounting with the legislation of the Russian Federation that makes it possible to obtain reliable information on the economic activity of the enterprise. In contrast with statutory audit this type of audit may be performed at any time on the initiative of the company’s management.
    • Tax audit.
      Preparing an audit report on opportunities to make efficiencies related to the tax accounting at the client’s company. It is performed on the initiative of the audit client as a dress rehearsal of tax inspection.
    • HR audit.
      Human Resources audit is a complex of procedures for analysing the personnel record management on compliance with the labor legislation and the company’s internal requirements. Besides, SGP consult carries out an analysis of the company’s human capacity.


    SGP consult carries out the following types of expert and assessment studies, which are most relevant for the moment:

    • construction and technical expertise;
    • non-state expertise of project documentation and results of engineering research;
    • expert evaluation of construction estimates;
    • expert assessment of construction projects;
    • assessment of utility infrastructure;
    • expert review of quality of construction work;
    • technical inspection of buildings and constructions;
    • land survey expertise;
    • assessment of property, including land plots, business (an enterprise as a property complex), etc.

    Seeking these services in SGP consult you are guaranteed to receive:

    • services provided by highly qualified experts;
    • professional consulting;
    • least time required for providing the services and executing the work procedures;
    • recommendations on eliminating identified shortcomings.

    Purchase of issued

    The purchase of issued by an issuer shares and bonds is one of the primary ways of attracting capital into companies, at the same time the purchase of securities is a good way to earn by investing idle money.

    The specialists of SGP consult provide both potential investors and issuers with the following investment services:

    • Assistance in choosing a method of raising capital (sale of a company’s shares on the stock market; sale bonds and other securities);
    • An assessment of factors which determine value of shares and estimation of current interest rates offered by companies representing the same business sector in case of selling bonds;
    • Support of the procedure of securities issue (shares, bonds and options), including the following stages:

    1) taking a resolution on securities placement or any other resolution on allotment of securities;

    2) approving resolution on an emission (additional emission)of securities;

    3) the state registration of securities issue (additional issue) or the assignment of an identification number to issue (additional issue) of securities;

    4) placement of securities;

    5) the state registration of a report on securities issue results (additional issue) or providing of a statement containing results of securities issue (additional issue).

    Advantages of international projects

    Services for support of international projects provided by SGP consult:

    • Analysis of the implementation of the international and national private law;
    • Contract drafting; review of foreign economic and other contracts with foreign companies, as well as legally binding documents dealing with private international law;
    • Settlement of international commercial disputes at courts of all jurisdiction, International Commercial Arbitration Court, through alternative dispute resolution, such as mediation;
    • Advisory services and rendering some other legal assistance on the enforcement of judgments of courts and International Commercial Arbitration in the Russian Federation;
    • Drafting and management of contracts on M&A transactions (Merger & Acquisition);
    • Establishing international joint ventures in the Russian Federation and foreign countries;
    • Assistance with international capital market transactions (IPO);
    • Conducting complex legal due diligence.

    Advantages of international projects:

    • Access to international markets;
    • Access to work with international customers that implies the company’s growth;
    • Merger with a more eminent brand that increases opportunities for attracting new clients ;
    • Diversification of production;
    • Acquisition of foreign technologies that leads to production of new goods and services, cost savings, and therefore to a decrease in prices for ultimate consumers;
    • Attracting investments;
    • Achievement of most-favoured nation status;
    • Decrease in the level of the competition as a result of the leader’s superiority;
    • Improvement of the image, enhancing transparency, increase in corporate governance quality;
    • Enhancement of the capacities of keeping control over the company.


    SGP consult provides all the clients, whether they are legal entities or natural persons, public sector customers or private ones, with a wide range of legal services.

    SGP consult is aware of the legal essentials for business and advises its clients on various aspects of statutory regulation of the key economic areas – industry and commerce, agriculture sector and others, assists large investment projects, delving into the subject of future business processes.

    SGP consult is guided by the fundamental principles of legal advice, such as professionalism and consistently high quality of services, conscientious approach to fulfilling its obligations, long-term experience of successful work and comprehension of specific features of economic sectors the clients are interested in, which form the core of SGP consult business reputation.

    The main directions of legal support:

    • Judicial practice
    • Mergers & acquisitions (M&A)
    • Corporate restructuring & bankruptcy
    • Tax consulting & planning
    • Legal protection of business
    • Anti-monopoly regulation
    • Intellectual property (IP)
    • Law of succession
    • Family relations
    • Labour law
    • Private-public partnership
    • Tender support services
    • Land. Landed property. Property development
    • Registration services

    Tax planning

    SGP consult carries out the following types of tax planning:

    • 1. Strategic (perspective)tax planning is a process whereby the organization’s taxation system, which is based on the company’s strategy and can operate for a long period of time, is being created.
    • 2. Tactical (current) tax planning is the use of methods and tools of tax planning which are the most appropriate for a certain period of time or in each particular case.

    It is also possible to develop the business at the international level through implementation of the international tax planning - legitimate activities for tax minimization using tax instruments such as offshore companies, trusts, funds, partnerships and other corporate bodies.

    Timely tax planning will allow to:

    • reduce the company’s expenses due to the choice of a particular taxation system, based on the peculiarities of your business;
    • prevent violations of the tax legislation due to the preliminary analysis of legal risks;
    • develop a privileged position when a tax dispute is considered in administrative or judicial proceedings.