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About our company

The individual approach to business is the basic principle of SGP consult!

We save you time as we don’t use one-size-fits-all methods both implementing large infrastructural projects and supporting normal economic activity. Creative ideas and unconventional approaches to solving serious problems will please representatives of the business community of the 21st century.

Today projects’ success mostly comes from the activity of the professional project team. One of the basic principles of our work is unity between professionals in various fields aimed at achieving the successful result. On the basis of that principle, we combine our efforts, resources, knowledge in various related fields, operational experiences, management methods, instruments and many more things, necessary to achieve the goal.

Our partners

TC Expertiza

"TC Expertiza"

A team of experts in the field of organization and carrying out of independent technical control over complex engineering researches, non-state expertise of project documentation and results of engineering research and carrying out of complex engineering surveys.

LLC “Belaya reka”

"Belaya reka"

LLC “Belaya reka” is an expert service provider that has been rendering its services for carrying out technical inspections and construction expertise since 2001. Technical diagnostics of buildings and constructions is the company’s main direction.


"Zhel stroy invest"

“Zhelstroyinvest” is a modern company that performs the complete cycle of activities in the construction industry - from engineering surveys and engineering to construction-assembly works and pre-commissioning activities.

BLC Group

"BLC Group"

“BLC group” is a leading company in the sphere of legal and financial consulting that not only professionally formalizes relationships with contracting parties and organizes legal representation but also creates optimal models of business protection.

Sector bezopasnosti

"Sector bezopasnosti"

LLC “Sector bezopasnosti” is a team of highly qualified specialists dealing with construction, engineering and production of construction materials, chief project engineers, chief project architects, engineers and technicians, designers and installers.

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“Prostor” Group consists of such companies as LLC “Energonezavisimost”, LLC “EN Servis” and LLC “Etalon-izolyatsiya”. Delivery, maintenance and repair of generating equipment have been the main activities of the company since 2003.

Proyect invest stroj

"Proyect invest stroj"

“Proyect invest stroj” Group is a construction company specializing in construction of buildings from light-metal constructions for industrial and civil purposes. “Proyect invest stroj” is an organization that will ensure planning, implementation and management of construction projects at high levels.

Business consulting

"Business consulting"

“Business consulting” The high quality of services is ensured by highly qualified in the field of accounting and audit practitioners in strict compliance with intracorporate standards and methods of performing the audit activity.