Agricultural Sector

Agriculture is now a priority sector of the domestic economy, whereas the domestic market is experiencing a growing need for the development of agriculture, this sector enjoys adequate support of the state.

Risky nature of the agricultural technologies in Russia, high possibility of loss of profit is the cause of a negative influence on the involvement of potential investors in the agricultural sector. Due to this specific reason the agro-industrial enterprises encounter particular commercial risks, thus they are forced to seek for the concentration of several branches of agriculture to protect themselves from said risks, which often tells negatively on the production results.

For its development the agriculture needs to search for more flexible management tools which may reduce sufficiently the potential losses and provide the stable growing profit.

«Business can be fraught with risk, but the rewards will be huge.»

SGP Consult provides the assessments, forecasts, control and prevention of the risks which may have a negative impact on the results of agro-industrial activities. SGP Consult offers and promotes the process of the critical management decisions based on the systematic analysis of all factors of agricultural production.

The production risks management by SGP Consult will improve the competitiveness of your agro-industrial enterprise in the market and provide a better specialization level of the production in multiple sectors of activity, which shall ultimately improve the performance indicators.