Industry – is one of the main sectors of the Russian economy.

Currently, the production is dictated by the needs of the market. As one of the most popular sectors, the industry dictates high standards to Russian companies in the market conditions. It happens very often that manufacturers must survive in their race with many competitors rather than raise their efficiency. In today’s highly competitive environment they may operate by offering the goods at the dynamic market which is quite different from those of the competitors.

L. Ron Hubbard

«Absence of production and product is equal to absence of money.»

Considering the needs of today’s market radical changes should be carried out in the structure of the enterprise innovative methods and solutions must be implemented and the range of manufactured goods must be expanded currently. These changes should be carried out systematically, without separation from each other.

By way of an individual approach to every industrial enterprise, SGP consult analyzes the existing and potential problems (risks), and develops the plan which is aimed to the elimination or prevention of the risks Radical change of the production structure of a company by SGP consult saves the time which is a highly competitive factor providing the advantages ahead of all other competitors. SGP consult helps to organize the management and control system for both the particular sectors, and the enterprise as a whole.