The dynamic development of the market, a surge of cross-border trade leads to an intensification of the world trade and the acceleration of trade turnover between the parties of different countries. The rapid change in the relationship in commerce gives the trading business an attractive reputation.

With the growth of trade relations competition is also growing, thus it becomes more and more difficult for the newcomers to enter the market.

In order to ensure a stable situation in the market an enterprise should maintain constantly a high level of competitiveness.

Thomas Lipton

«The man who on his trade relies must either bust or advertise.»

SGP consult carries out activities to ensure the success of commercial transactions, stability and high competitiveness of the company in the market both at the national and international levels with innovative solutions:

  • Assessment, prevention and minimization of risks associated with trading activities in a certain region, or the market as a whole;
  • Risk assessment and search for the optimum ways of financing the trading activities;
  • Risk assessment of mediation in the domestic and international trade;
  • Development of alternative sales methods (internet sales etc.), non-standard schemes of sales organization in order to achieve the best results;
  • Diversification of production, based on the individual needs of the buyer’s specific domain of sales;
  • Access to international markets;
  • Attracting new customers;
  • Increasing the profitability of contracts by way of reducing the contract costs etc.

The implementation of the above activities by SGP consult enables the start, expansion and maintenance of the business at any level (small, medium, large-scale business), regardless of the size of a trade.