Transport Logistics is developing actively, its role is increasing every year due to the fact that in the market relations conditions the most and particularly acute issue is the improvement of the competitiveness of enterprises, whereas the logistics points out the right way to resolve it. The efficient planning and proper organization of cargo flows are essential in saving the material and technical resources of an enterprise.

Factors of Logistics Development

  • Growing complexity of the system of market relations and improving the quality requirements of the of product distribution processes
  • science and technology progress in the development of flexible automated production
  • Scientific and technical progress in the means of communications and informatics
  • Increased competition
  • The energy crisis of the ‘70s
  • Development of the systems and compromises theory

Most customers are faced with the following problems of the transport logistics:

  • lack of information about the software products which facilitate the process of automation, streamline and accelerate the execution of operations accompanying the transportation process;
  • inefficient use of storage space and a violation of storage conditions of the goods;
  • unnecessarily costly organization of freight traffic;
  • shortage of personnel management and logistics experts, etc.

Francis Bacon

«There be three things which make a nation great and prosperous: a fertile soil, busy workshops, easy conveyance for men and goods from place to place. «

SGP consult experts shall develop a set of comprehensive measures for the legal protection of the logistics interests in your company, namely:

  • legal analysis of the contractual obligations in the process of transportation of the goods;
  • assistance in the preparation of shipping documents;
  • risk sharing responsibility between the haulers and shippers;
  • pre-trial settlement of disputes and representation in the court, etc;
  • planning and recommendations to reduce your financial risks, etc.

Using the experience and expertise of SGP consult, you will ensure your company’s competitive advantages, organizational, financial and human resources will be spent on the development of new activities.