The individual approach to business is the basic principle of SGP consult!

We save you time as we don’t use one-size-fits-all methods both implementing large infrastructural projects and supporting normal economic activity. Creative ideas and unconventional approaches to solving serious problems will please representatives of the business community of the 21st century.

Our partners

  • ТК Экспертиза
    "TC Expertiza"
  • Белая река
    "Belaya reka"
  • Белая река
  • Белая река
    "BLC Group"
  • Сектор Безопасности
    "Sector bezopasnosti"
  • Простор
  • Проект Инвест Строй
    "Proyect invest stroj"
  • БизнесКонсалтинг

Our contacts

Tel.: +7 473 261-00-60
Fax: +7 473 261-00-50

Our address

Business centre “Diagonal”
Voronezh, Platonova str 4

We are open

from 8am to 8pm
7 days a week